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Thank You for Another Milestone !!


Happy, proud, and grateful to share that the participant tally for “CorporateTheatre” workshops has now crossed 41,000.
The client list has grown substantially, purely through the goodwill and referrals of those who have experienced the methodology, and spans an elaborate and comprehensive range of corporates across Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, Banking, Finance, Heavy Engineering, Consulting, and NGOs.  The experience of working with this range of environments and the wisdom behaviourally demonstrated and shared by participants have further enriched the methodology increasing its scope and effectiveness.
Recent workshops include:
‘Transcendental Leadership’ exclusively for the Directors of a globally renowned IT/Consulting Company.
‘Cultural Transformation’ for a high profile organization involved in research and developmental work.
‘Collaborative Creativity & Innovation’ for a Telecom MNC.
‘Collaborative Customer-Centricity’ for the retail division of a top garment and fashion company.
‘Power Team Dynamics’ for the Marketing & Sales team of a heavy engineering MNC.
My heartfelt thanks to all those who have made this journey as exciting and deeply rewarding as it has been!

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