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The Wisdom of Teams - 20: Trust through Alignment

(In this series of posts offering excerpts from the book, 'The Wisdom of Teams' by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith (Harvard Business School Press), the excerpts are in bold.) 

real teams do not emerge unless the individuals on them take risks involving conflict, trust, interdependence, and hard work.

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Of the risks required, the most formidable involve building the trust and interdependence necessary to move from individual accountability to mutual accountability. People on real teams must trust and depend on one another—not totally or forever—but certainly with respect to the team’s purpose, performance goals, and approach.

"Trust" in a 'natural' team does not necessarily involve liking each other, knowing each other very well, or even trusting each other implicitly. What is needed and more practically achievable is "trust in each other's clarity and commitment to our collective success on this project now".  This does not happen by converting or 'ennobling' people where they 'drop' or 'surrender' their egos.  Instead, it is achieved attitudinally by creating the right environment through appropriate goal setting, communication, and appraisal and reward policies that help to ALIGN individual egos to a collective success.

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