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Communication - Key to 2nd Pillar of 'Natural' Teams


I came across this very interesting article posted on LinkedIn, by Leslie Allan.  (Thanks Leslie !)

Managers Need To Improve Communication Skills: Study Reveals

Submitted by  on August 17th, 2011

Woman manager and man in meetingPerhaps one of the most significant benefits from moving the needle on employee engagement and motivation is increased productivity. While employee incentive programs can go some way to increasing staff motivation, a recent survey conducted by European Leaders has found that poor communication between employees and managers may be largely responsible for reduced levels of employee performance.
The results of the survey, carried out by European Leaders in June 2011, show that 64% of participants claim that they would work more efficiently with increased motivation. It has been well documented that motivation levels influence staff performance and productivity. The study supports this notion, with employees reporting that better communication from senior management has a positive impact on how they perform in the workplace.
The study shows that motivation levels may be improved if managers spent more time communicating their organization’s overall plan. This is highlighted by the fact that 68% of those surveyed fail to understand their company’s vision, and that only 18% view the organization they worked for as being a good company. In previous posts, I’ve highlighted equally significant communication factors impacting productivity, including building manager-employee trust levels and coaching for performance. . . . .

This excerpt from the article highlights the importance of the Second Pillar of a 'Natural' Team, experienced through "CorporateTheatre":
"In a Natural Team, everyone has clarity of the same goal and alignment to the same success.  This means that everyone in the team irrespective of their role or designation, must have goal clarity, role clarity, and other role clarity."

To erect this Second Pillar, there has to be free flow of communication without the baggage of seniority and hierarchy.   And as experienced through the workshops, communication is not about voice, vocabulary, or power-point.  It is about the other person experiencing what I want them to experience.  The nature of this communication, and how people can come together with strong functional hierarchy and confrontation, without the 'baggage' is discussed in various other posts in this blog.

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