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"CorporateTheatre" and Corporate Values

(Excerpts from a Proposal to a Client on how "CorporateTheatre" addresses certain key corporate values relevant to their organization.)  Thought of sharing this on the blog as these could be relevant core values to any organization that seeks to deliver excellence in an environment that sustains client focus as well as the growth and self-actualization of their own people.

Integrity – When one’s behaviour is in alignment with one’s deeper and instinctive values for growth and self-actualization, a person becomes integrated.  Integrity is outward behaviour that reflects this inner integration.  One of the essential attitudinal ingredients in being integrated is to be able to function in the here-and-now, to be completely available to what is happening in this moment.  Participants will experience this ability to be completely available and function from a core that is beyond one’s limited baggage-oriented perspectives.

Passion – One behaviour that is consistently experienced and demonstrated throughout the workshop is Passion – Total commitment, energy, and involvement with the task at hand, with alignment of individual and functional goals to the larger team goal.

Openness and Respect – Respect is a derivative of the Latin ‘re spectare’ – to see oneself.  I can genuinely respect another only when I can see myself in the other and the common core that we both share beyond the superficial personality patterns on the surface.  This is akin to ‘actors’ bonding at a common core and then taking on functional hierarchy and even intense functional conflict without experiencing human hierarchy or human conflict.  Respect can happen only at this level of bonding.  Respect breeds receptivity, sensitivity, and acceptance of the roles that we need to play and there is openness to each other’s motives and behaviour.

Accountability – Participants will consistently demonstrate their instinctive ability to invest in their own performance, as well as in each other’s performance and to take responsibility for the play as a whole.  While giving credit to individual contributions, they will accept responsibility for collective failure without ‘blame-storming’ or negativity and without becoming ‘losers’.

Being Self-critical – More importantly, we will look at the possibility of ‘self-acceptance’, where we celebrate our positives and compensate for each other’s inadequacies.  This will call for a genuine acceptance of our strengths as well as understanding of our weak areas without defensiveness.  In the process we will experience that competencies can and should vary but that commitment should be equal across all levels.

Big Challenges – A good mountaineer is always looking for a higher mountain to climb.  And the higher and tougher the mountain, the greater the celebration.  Participants will consistently demonstrate their ability to deliver excellence and ENJOY it under constantly changing and increasingly challenging conditions.  They will experience that fun-at-work is not about doing ‘fun’ things at the work place but it is about having fun without diluting the passion, the creativity, the commitment to quality, the customer-focus, and the discipline of a common goal and a shared success.


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