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The Power of Commitment

One of the critical learning insights that repeatedly and consistently surfaces in "CorporateTheatre" workshops is this:

"When the commitment is total and the clarity is high, people most often find necessary competencies and create the resources. When the commitment is not total and the clarity is inadequate even existing competencies and resources go unutilized."

This learning is very clearly reinforced in the article, "The People Factor" by Lou Pritchett, Executive Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development, for Procter and Gamble. Here are some interesting excerpts from the article published in the CD supplement of The Economic Times, dated 6th August:

"Today, raw materials and technology are available to every company in every country in the world! Therefore, the only thing that will separate the winners from the losers will be the quality, character, training, and commitment, of the work force."

Those who have been through the earlier posts in my blog will certainly see the remarkable connect between Mr. Pritchett's thoughts, and the 3 Pillars of Natural Teams, as experienced through "CorporateTheatre". (I am mentioning the relevant Pillar against the exercepts given below):

"... the key is to trust them because people can never be trustworthy until they experience the overt act of first being trusted." - the 3rd Pillar : 'Everyone (in the team) has complete trust in the other person's clarity and commitment.'

"... if I surrounded myself with competent people, provided them with all the data and information to which I had access, never had hidden agendas, and always let my people know everything I knew, we could not fail. This approach worked for me, and I am convinced it will work for any manager, anytime, anywhere." - the 2nd Pillar: 'In a Natural Team everyone has clarity of the same task and alignment to the same success.'. This excerpt also reinforces the 3rd Pillar - Trust.

Details regarding the 3 Pillars, including the 1st Pillar (Integration as 'Actors' - because you cannot integrate 'Characters') can be found in the relevant posts in this blog. The posts also talk about how to deal with with the odd unfortunate person in the team who may not live up to the trust vested in them.


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