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"CorporateTheatre" & Orange Juice

(Reproduced verbatim)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the Theatre Workshop on “Power Team Dynamics” by Mr. Paul, on 24th February, 10.
If someone asked what the take-home message was and I replied that it was a great exercise on Team Building, it would be nonsense.
After a cold glass of orange juice on a Hot summer’s day if someone asked how it felt and I replied “Oh, I got a lot of Vitamin C” that would be absolute nonsense. Yes, the statement might be very true, but what I had got would also be a lot energy, hydration, fiber, fructose, anti-oxidants, flavanoids, Vit B6, Folic Acid, and more. More importantly how does one quantify the pleasure of cold juice down a parched throat, or the energized vigour soon after the drink?
Mr. Paul’s workshop can be compared to that. Yes, Team Building was indeed quite obviously there. But there was a huge participatory energy build-up, a voluntary effort to win and see the right man win, supportive camaraderie, unexpected resource utilization, elaborate attention to detail, taught by a passionate tutor, directed by all the participants, appreciative applause, handshakes, pats on the shoulders, and much more, All WITHOUT EVEN A PEN OR PAPER, let alone a PC or PowerPoint. The take-home was, as one participant rightly said, not in the mind, not in our brains, but in the (metaphorical) heart.
I am sure I speak for all the participants when I say that it was amazing to see how all of us with little or NO experience of acting did an astounding job of freely acting in front of a large audience, so that the team could win.
And hey, in case I forget (how can I), the common thread throughout was fun and enjoyment. At the end of the day Everyone felt refreshed instead of tired.
Great show!


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