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Power Team Dynamics - Natural Teams

One of the key experiential learnings that come from the “CT” workshop is the immense power of Synergy. How Team Energy is much more than the sum total of the individual energies. Participants will actually experience that if they can come together as a ‘Natural Team’ they can integrate instantly with a new group of people, find new competencies, create new resources, manage time, deal with change, and actually enjoy delivering excellence under a high pressure, competitive environment. We will also explore the ‘3 Pillars’ that form the platform for a natural team.

A ‘Natural Team’ is always looking for a higher mountain to climb. They want the excitement of change and challenge. The higher the mountain, the greater the celebration. Participants will experience that they already have with them all that is required to deliver excellence beyond their own expectations, and beyond the expectations of the audience (market, clients, top stakeholders of the organization).

Participants will experience that ‘functions’ are not ‘teams’. Batting and Bowling are not teams. They are merely functions within the cricket team. If my function in any way affects yours, we are only functions. The workshop will experientially explore how to create alignment and loyalty to the Team goal and success, and then to align individual and functional goals to the larger team goal.


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