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Creative Leadership

Note: Client's brief given in brackets, and my response is given in bold.

(Benefits to the Leadership team after the training program: the program theme should focus on improving cohesiveness and team work.

• Minimise impact of "Silo" thinking among leadership team outside of their own specializations or departments)

One of the significant insights experienced through the "CorporateTheatre" methdology is how one can work very effectively with complete loyalty and commitment to one's own role and function, while at the same time aligning across functions to the larger Team (Organizational) goal.

(• Utilise strategic "Systems Thinking": In order to enable leadership team to work together more effectively and cohesively)

In so far as Systems Thinking looks at the big picture and at aligning all processes towards it, to add maximum value to internal stakeholders as well as customers, the workshop will enable participants to experience this orientation. While focusing on sub-processes, they will clearly experience the need for contributing towards the primary processes that decide the success or failure in achieving the primary objective of the Team (Organization).

(• Reframe perception so that leadership team moves from Crisis Management to High Performance Leadership)

Participants will experience their innate ability to move from one style of leadership to another depending on the need of the moment. Whether in a crisis handling mode or otherwise, they will be able to commit themselves to delivering high levels of performance. While experiencing High Performance leadership styles, they will also see the need to adapt leadership styles according to the nature of the challenges at hand, as well as the nature of the individuals that they lead.

(• Resistance to Change: Transform the resistance to change, which requires great effort to "push-in" changes, to a highly motivated situation that will "pull-in" changes for improvements, without even the need for "selling" ideas to create the "buy-in”.)

Participants will experience how to create an environment where change becomes an energizer. A natural team, which will be defined through the workshop, is always looking for a different and higher mountain to climb.

(• Cascade the process throughout the organisation and progressively build a complete Culture of High Performance, where everyone in the organisation is consistently working together to improve performance)

From the brief given, especially with reference to this last point, what you would need is a 2-day 'Leadership through Team Instinct' workshop. In this workshop we will not only experience these possibilities but also on how to facilitate a work environment where the dynamics described above become a sustainable part of the organizational culture. However, this would call for:

• the full-time participation of the senior management or primary stakeholders
• the willingness to critically evaluate the existing work culture
• the openness to radically redefine some of our existing paradigms


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