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Power Communication

Power Communication for Power Leadership
Communication is as much the responsibility of the receiver as it is of the giver. In that sense in a communication transaction, both are 'communicators'. The Giver's Clarity, Creativity, Freedom, and Commitment are important. Equally important is the Receiver's Commitment to understanding, and the receiver's Freedom and Creativity. The workshop will address how to create this attitudinal platform on the part of the giver as well as the receiver. Participants experience that once this platform is created, Communication can be very powerful and transformational, irrespective of voice, vocabulary, or gadgets.

Communication is not about the other person hearing what you say, or seeing what you present. It is about how much they 'experience' what you yourself are experiencing and expressing.

The following areas are addressed experientially:

Voice Modulation:
Voice modulation ensures that the delivery of the content is inspiring and exciting. This again is not a technique. Voice modulation comes from simple exercises which are used to train actors to use their voices. In addition to this, one must be able to experience and express the content. The more powerfully and intensely the actor 'experiences' the character, the more intensely will the audience experience it.

Body Language (Non-verbal communication)
Communication becomes interesting for the receiver when the giver is interested in, and passionate about what they are delivering. Additionally, the giver must have the physical freedom to express that passion non-verbally. It has been proved that MORE THAN 80% of the punch of communication is in its non-verbal aspect. Participants experience that very powerful body-language skills are already available abundantly with us at the level of primary instinct. All we need is to find the freedom to use it.

Dealing with inhibitions and self-consciousness:
Inhibitions come from self-consciousness. Interestingly, nobody drops self-consciousness. Actors with decades of experience are still self-conscious. The way to handle self-consciousness and the consequent inhibitions that rise from it, is not to fight self-consciousness, but to accept it as part of the performance and move beyond. Fighting self-consciousness is like fighting the darkness. Go into a dark room and do all the fighting you want. The darkness does not go away. Instead of fighting the darkness, light a matchstick, and the darkness disappears. Participants experience how to shift the focus from themselves and how they are communicating, to the receivers, and how much they are understanding. This is the actor's way and it is provenly powerful and effective.

By the end of the workshop, Participants would have experienced Power Communication, and their ability to be Power Communicators, where their audiences will experience, rather than hear. They are equipped with simple actor's exercises which if practised individually or in groups, for even 15 to 20 minutes a day will constantly develop and enrich their voice, vocabulary, and their power to add emotional richness and excitement to their presentations. We do not deal with specific techniques like how to make slides, or how to dress. However, once the attitude is right, the techniques will evolve on their own, and participants will be empowered to evolve their own techniques which ideally suit their own style, the content, and the nature of their audiences.

3 days.

Batch Size:
Preferably not less than 15 and 20 at the absolute maximum.

Additional Settings:
In addition to the Settings and Layout and the material given in an earlier post on the subject, we would additionally need a good videographer with a high definition video camera (professional quality), and professional quality mikes, speakers, and recording and playback facility on the 2nd and 3rd day. This would include a high resolution multi-media projector, with a minimum brightness of 3000 ansi-lumens and a good screen.


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